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2020 - Get my shit together

In early 2019 I created a list of goals that I wanted to achieve:

Goal Status
#Thorium controls luminave via API
luminave all bugs are fixed and tests created ⚡️
timpietrusky.com relaunch
#JSConf EU LiveJS performance
JSConf Asia LiveJS performance
CSSConf / JSConf Budapest LiveJS performance
ML Project with Stephanie Nemeth
New Years Eve 2019 Party
Welcome Back Patrick Summer Party
#luminave + #modV Workshop
Fully use modV 2.0
Create visuals for my most favorite sets

I couldn’t reach all of these goals and I started to wonder what is holding me back. In late 2019 I finally realized that it’s me, nothing else. This means that if I cut the bullshit and let myself be I can achieve anything I want. Let’s see…

Goals in 2020

Understand me

I want to do a depth psychology therapy to understand if something from the past (especially from my early childhood) has an unconscious influence on me and to talk about the stuff that happens in my brain in general.

Improve health

I already know what I should do to live longer as my body tries to tell me this all the time. I just need to start doing this. This seems to be the hard part as going back to shitty habits or addictions is always easier as I’m super used to this.

Family vacation

Spend 2 weeks with my wife + kids (hopefully in a caravan) and be offline.

Get in contact with my family

I haven’t seen my grandmother or my aunt in many years and this has to be changed, as I want to know how they are and also tell them how I am. I also want to do more stuff with my parents and I would love to get in contact with my brother (who has never seen my two children).

Writing habit

My life is fast and I want to keep track of what I’m doing and how I’m feeling. A way of doing this is by writing regularly down what happens in my life.

Sell 10 Konekti subscriptions

At my company #Synoa we have our product called #Konekti which is an integration platform for companies that want to have a B2B online shop to sell their products. In 2019 we created most of the fundament and in 2020 we need to sell this to at least 10 customers to be profitable.

Read 1 x book

I haven’t read a book in so many years, I can’t even remember which book was my last. I’m super interested in #cyberpunk, so my book of choice is #Neuromancer by William Gibson.

Write 1 x song

I’m doing visuals and lights for some time now and all of this started because I have a strong passion for music, so this year I want to create my first song. Hopefully I can use @Matt McKegg’s awesome rust-loop-drop. I just need to know “How to get started?”, so let’s see what happens.

Explore Machine Learning

I want to understand how #ML works and how it can be used to control both modV and luminave so that I can have a performance where the computer is supporting me or even does the whole thing alone.

First steps with a robot

In August 2016 I received two Codeybots as I funded their campaign on Kickstarter. It’s time to unpack and use them!

Use modV 3.0

modV 2.0 is super awesome and I had many shows with it, but the stuff that I want to do in 2020 requires that I can control modV via an API (for example to use it with machine learning), so I want to switch over to modV 3.0. This also means I have to add a connector for luminave so that I can still map the output of modV to lights.

Become a better VJ

Run the “Visual and Light Workshop” at least 2 times

I love helping and teaching others, that’s why @2xAA and myself created the Visual & Light Workshop in 2019. In this workshop, you can learn how to create visuals with modV and control lights with luminave. We had the opportunity to run this once and the feedback was so good, that we want to do this again.